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We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, anytime!  With Revolutions’ series of online spinning & fitness videos, you’ll have everything you need to reach your personal fitness goals!

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Experience spinning & fitness classes from the comfort of your own home - with a range of targeted and full-body workouts.

Benefits of Spinning


Choose from an array of style, intensity and duration to target your training, energy and mood needs.


Wear what you want. Ride your workout, your way. No judgement.


A workout is right at your fingertips when you need. No driving, waiting, or typical gym distractions.


Our certified spinning instructors bring years of experience, always staying current with music, course design and motivational styles.

Total Body Benefits

Strength & Conditioning
As challenging as it is exhilarating, benefits include weight loss, improved strength, and endurance

Cardiovascular benefits
Improve cardiovascular health without putting too much stress on the joints

Burn calories
A great way to burn calories – 400 to 600 calories per class depending on the difficulty and duration

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Use your core to stabilize your body throughout the class, which helps to achieve overall balance, especially when you’re standing.

Upper body

Use your upper body to support yourself on the bike. Some of our classes incorporate upper-body exercises using dumbbells or resistance bands.


Maintain a strong, stable spine throughout the class, which will help to strengthen and tone your back muscles.


Feel your glutes working with each turn of the pedals, especially when you stand up from your seat, do an incline, or increase the resistance.


Your quadriceps will be the main muscles used as you pedal and climb hills, leading to strong, toned legs.


Cycling helps to strengthen and loosen your hamstrings, which lift the pedal up with each cycle and stabilize your joints.

Lower legs

You’ll work your calves with each cycle, which helps to protect your ankles and feet while cycling and during everyday activities.

A world of adrenaline awaits

Experience a sample of our online portfolio of classes

Time for intervals
38 mins

With a focus on intervals this class will work your cardio with plenty of out of saddle work.

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